Dutch Time Attack: round at TT Circuit Assen canceled

12 April 2024
Dutch Time Attack: round at TT Circuit Assen canceled

Following the event on March 17th in Assen, it has been decided to adjust the schedule for both Supercar Madness/AutoMadness on Whit Sunday and JapFest on Whit Monday. For several years, the supply for the show paddocks has been open until 11 a.m. (start of track program) over the circuit through the main grandstand, because having thousands of showcars before 11 a.m. through the tunnel imposes a significant load on the sound level measured near the tunnel. If the sound level reaches the maximum allowable, then the track program must be halted, and the removal of the showcars should not go through the tunnel but again through the main grandstand "behind" via the so-called Haarbocht. In the past, this has happened (sound on the show paddocks from, for example, podium and revving cars also plays a role), and we have been able to execute this successfully in recent years.

On March 17th during the event "Hart voor Auto's," the maximum sound level was exceeded due to various causes, and an escape was provided to ensure that the entire event could continue. This escape is not available for the upcoming events. Therefore, we need to play it safe. Additionally, as of the beginning of this year, the end time of our events has been advanced to 5:30 p.m. instead of a maximum extension to 6:30 p.m. previously. Fitting in Time Attack was already very tight, causing other program parts to be compromised, but due to these new changes, it no longer fits at all. This has the following consequences:

- On both days, we will start with drag races (which also has no impact on the sound given the location of the drag race track). If all showcars are not yet inside by 11 a.m., they can still be brought in over the circuit to the left of the tunnel instead of through the tunnel.

- During Japfest, we will ensure that all track sessions such as parades and track time are moved to the end of the day. If there is still a sound exceedance, it could result in their cancellation. However, the audience will have experienced the Hour of Power and the Drag Races.

- Due to more drag race time on both Sunday and Monday, there is no good spread possible for Time Attack, and there is also no guarantee that the program, including the finals, can be completed.

Therefore, the component unfortunately will be canceled during the Whit weekend. After the Whit weekend, we can analyze whether Dutch Time Attack still fits within the programming of our events.